Hello! I’m Silvia Pasquetto.

A human being, taking pictures of other human beings.

Why nude genre?

It’s a matter of instinct

When I took my first pictures, what came out instinctively was nude with me as the subject.

It’s an artistic expression

I dream of an art form that is accessible to everyone, that deeply touches people.

It’s a a visual expedient

The nude genre is my favorite way of visually communicating people’s inner universe.

I’m mother tongue

It’s something that I’m able to do, coming faraway, from my abysses. It’s a language that I can speak, without anyone taught me.

I dream and imagine

I’m a dreamer at heart so this helps me to imagine things before they become a reality. Like the projects described here.

I feel and act

I’m a free spirit and I have created this website and the projects, in a specific manner that is congruent with my calling in life.

Want to be part of all this?