Nudemotions is a virtual container for

nude artistic photographic projects

Nudemotions is made by people that


cry and get angry


and apologize when they’re wrong


but are able to set limits too


inside a body any shape or color

Goals of Nudemotions


Nudemotions’ mission is to provide the world with images that give back the ancestral meaning of nudity as a natural and original condition for human beings.

Our body is like a house providing us hospitality and we should take care of our bodies and be thankful for the gift we have been given. But, actually we are all living in a society that gives our bodies only an aesthetic value, graded according to strict criteria. These imposed rules about our shape, give rise to a global living pain; as a consequence people are not self-confident if they don’t have a certain type of body – that goes for both men and women.

And the same people that don’t want to be judged according to this criteria, are applying them to all other individuals around. This a vicious cycle contaminating our relationship with ourselves and with others.

Through nudity, we give up our daily set roles, for example: man, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, freelance photographer, boss and colleague. When you are naked, the stage is empty and you can’t hide anywhere.

Showing ourselves for what we are without any cover is something that scares everyone, including myself.

For my sensitivity, there are no bodies that worth more than other ones to be photographed: they are all equally wonderful and perfect in their own (im)perfection.

Taking pictures in the manner that is illustrated on this website, I was able to find inside everyone a “universe of a thousand galaxies along with a large number of black holes”. I don’t trust in people that are always-happy-, darkness is an important part of us and the truly happy souls are usually the ones that have searched long in the deep muddy waters they carry inside.

Nudemotions represents a dreamy world full of different realities, suggestions and daydreams that embody both the light and the dark side of us. It’s symbolic of the universe that we carry inside.

Nudemotions reveals peoples intimate stories. Individual souls that reside inside a body, no matter what the shape or the color of the container. The same body that holds the heart, the lungs and the guts.

Nudemotions reveals myself too. This is why I feel strongly about what I do and how I photograph the world and the people in it. In the end, I can only be what I am, and be true to myself like you.

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